When it comes to connecting you with today's world, we have everything you could ask for.  With a dedicated network of partners and carriers, no matter what's on your shipping list, Santah Global Logistics has you covered!
When time is of the essence and you need a shipment to get there, one of our Air Freight options may be just what you're looking for. We assess each time sensitive shipment request and make the best service recommendation based on your needs and budget. Whether it's an NFO (Next Flight Out) or you've got time to wait a day or two for a shipment to arrive, Air Freight may be the answer.
Sometimes a shipment needs special or minimal handling. For these situations,  one of our Exclusive Use Vehicles may be the way to go. Time critical shipments that must arrive but are too big to fly may also benefit from running them as a Hotshot. No matter what time a shipment has to deliver, we can keep you up to date with regular tracking emails so we keep both you and your customers happy.
No matter whether you are shipping across town, across a state or all the way across country, we have Expedited Ground Services to meet your needs. Unlike LTL transit times, we can usually get your shipment moved Coast to Coast in 3-4 business days. If you're shipping on a Thursday or Friday, most major city locations deliver on Monday or Tuesday and not only save you money but provide a great alternative to air freight. Economical and fast...that's a real treat!
When you register for a show and make travel plans, the last thing you want hear is the tradeshow booth and materials didn't arrive. Here at Santah Global Logistics, we have an extensive background in Trade Show shipping and therefore focus on your budget and time parameters to help you decide between shipping to the advanced warehouse or direct to the show site. After all, making sure the freight arrives on time so you can relax and focus on having a successful show is what it's all about. 
Whatever you may need to move across the globe, we can help you get the freight where it needs to be. Our International Service options provide you with the ability to ship both via Air or Ocean. Depending on your budget and time parameters, our operations team can suggest the best service level to match your shipping needs.
Ever thought you needed special paperwork to ship to Alaska or Hawaii? Well, our Off Shore service specialists can help you get freight to both of those points as well as Puerto Rico and Guam with ease. We have both air and ocean options for a majority of major cities in both Alaska and Hawaii. Let us help you understand how to tackle shipping via a Multi-Leg mode of transport. It's easy when you have an experienced team on your side. Let us know how we can help!
If you have a need to ship six (6) or more 40 x 48 sized skids, need half a truck or are just looking to save some money because time is on your side, consider trying one of our Partial or Volume options. We have a great network of resources available to get you moving.
Each day trucks move millions of pounds of cargo across America via the Interstate Highway system. Why not consider a Truckload carrier the next time you have a shipment with 15 skids or more or perhaps are just looking for a dedicated load with no co-mingling of your freight. They will pick up directly from the Shipper and deliver to the Consignee without the hassel of needing to stop and make any other deliveries but yours.
If you have the time, our Rail service can be a super way to supplement an already tight budget. Despite the longer transit time, the slow paced nature of this service is offset by the savings passed on to your customer. Next time you come across a shipment that has an extended delivery window, consider a rail option over a Truckload to realize the savings.
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