1. What's a Freight Forwarder? What's the advantage?
    A Freight Forwarder is basically one who streamlines the transportation process and reduces shipping costs for our customers to move goods to their final destination. Since we set up each shipment within our own network, we can keep an eye on each shipment directly. This allows us to step in quickly if we need to terminate a shipment (sent out by the shipping department in error) or if we hear there is a storm heading across the Midwest, we can 'route' around it to avoid a potential delay. We're here when you need us the most.
  2. Why would I work with you?
    We are able to provide business customers with efficient and cost effective ways to help streamline the movement of your products. We put our years of shipping experience to work for you, so we can save you time and money and you can focus on what really matters.
  3. What kind of items do you ship?
    We ship almost every kind of product you can think of. There are however a few commodities that are considered 'taboo' so we avoid those to make everyone's life easier. At this time, we don't ship alcohol, firearms, original art, hazardous or household goods. If you have a question about a particular commodity, just give us a call at: 509-462-9669 or shoot us an email to: [email protected] We're here to help with whatever you need.
  4. What is dim weight and what does it mean?
    Dim weight is just a short way to refer to Dimensional Weight. In the Freight Forwarding industry, all freight is quoted based on the weight so a customer is charged on either the actual weight or the dimensional (dim) weight, whichever is greater. If you know how the freight is moving, you can usually figure out if your freight is going to 'dim out'. Let's see how the 'dim factor' affects this process...
  5. How do I know what the dim factor is for shipping?
    There are 3 different dim factors (industry standards) that come into play when shipping. If you know how the freight is moving, then you can figure out which 'dim factor' will be used. Expedited ground freight is calculated at 200 dim factor, Air freight is calculated at 194 dim factor and International Air is calculated at 166. Now that you have this information, let's calculate the dim weight of a shipment.
  6. How do I calculate the dim weight?
    Let's say you have a shipment that weighs 225lbs with dims of 48x40x28, moving Expedited ground. Since you know the dim factor is 200 (industry standard) you would take the dimensions of the shipment (48x40x28) and multiply them all together, then divide the total figure by the dim factor of 200. You should come up with 268.8 lbs, rounded up to 269lbs. Since it's higher then 225lbs, you would be billed for the 'dim weight' of 269lbs (greater than actual weight).
  7. Can I track a shipment online? And if so, how?
    You can track any of our shipments online via our website: To track a shipment, just click on the words "Track A Shipment" or the 'Box' icon located near the far upper right hand corner on the Menu Bar. Once you do, you will arrive at our online tracking portal. From the drop down menu, select "waybill" and then enter the House Air Waybill number (HAWB #) found near the top right hand corner of our bill of lading. You will see the most recent shipment status along with the steps it has already completed along its journey.
  8. What kind of payments do you accept?
    We currently accept both Master Card and Visa cards. Should you wish to apply, we also have a credit account option which offers Net 15 terms to approved customer accounts. Just ask your Sales Representative or one of our team members for a credit application. As info, we do not charge any credit card surcharges on credit cards at this time.
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