A Word from our Owner
When someone wants to be the best, a lot of time and effort is put into learning the correct way to do things. You have to master the perfect form before you can become 'world class' at anything. It is through hard work, long hours spent training and making sacrifices others aren't willing to make that ultimately achieves the goal set.

Santah Global Logistics is the culmination of all the hard work,
long hours, training and personal experiences which have led to the abundance of knowledge we have compiled over the years. It is the goal of being the best that keeps us focused and willing to get up each day to do it all over again. It's about making sure our employees are treated well and know how much we appreciate them on a daily basis. It is about doing our best to always understand each customer's needs and provide them the best service and experience at competitive pricing. Working with our valued partners and vendors to make sure they get paid timely for the services they provide. And lastly, learning from our competitors costly mistakes so we can avoid making the same ones.

It is with sincerity and gratitude we extend a heartfeltThank You to our family, friends, partners, customers and our Helper who have assisted us in honing our skills and shaping our vision along this journey. Without you and all the words of encouragement and support over the years, none of this would ever have been possible.

Santah Global Logistics is not just the next stop along the way...
              It is our destination. It is our passion. It is our gift.




No matter what the size of your company, Santah Global Logistics is dedicated to provide a great overall service at a fair price to everyone. From start-ups to well established Fortune 500 entities, we believe every single client relationship brings with it a unique value to our company. We are priviledged to provide you and ultimately your customers with the best possible service on every shipment so you can see for yourself the real reason Santah Global Logistics stands out from everyone else.
This company was founded on the principle of always doing the right thing. We know there are alot of companies out there to choose from, but there aren't alot of great companies. Let's face it, without Y-O-U, there is no 'us' so our prayer is simple. When you find yourself tired of hearing the same old story from your current provider, give us a chance. We will never be foolish enough to promise things will never go wrong on a shipment. What we will promise however is we will be different in how we respond to you and the situation.We know you're smart and have figured out that most Freight Forwarders have the same resources at their disposal to get from point A to point B. Technology and carriers can only vary so much so something has got to be done differently in order to stand out in this crowded industry. That's where we come in...

The Santah Global Logistics difference comes from knowing the team behind you (and your shipments) will communicate issues in real time to minimize the impact of problems that arise. Despite our superb provider network and world-class technology, we remember it is still the humans involved on a daily basis that pay attention to the details along a shipment's journey and steps in when needed to catch potential issues before they become a major problem. After all, we truly believe in the motto of our 40th President of the United States,
Ronald Reagan who said, "Trust...but Verify".
According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, the definition of culture is "the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization". We believe a company's culture is the fastest way to show anyone about your company. It's your calling card to employees, vendors and customers alike. One of our Executives shared the following after experiencing a wonderful place to work when he first began in the Freight Forwarding industry. He said, "a company's culture doesn't really seem that important until you're fortunate enough to work in a great one. It's only after you've left the job that you realize just how lucky you were to have the experience. From that point on, you will constantly be comparing the next place you work at until you find a similar culture again".

At Santah Global Logistics, we believe if our culture is outlined from day one, employees will see and feel the difference from other places they have worked. Employees will in turn, embrace the culture set forth and the values, attitudes and practices will shine right through to our customers because each employee has been empowered to do the right thing for you. The ongoing mission is to create a place where everyone involved feels they are special to us because you really are. Whether you are looking to work for a great company or work with a great company, it makes no difference to us as long as we can make a positive impact on you. You're a gift.